Top 7 Healthcare Review Sites

When it comes to finding the right doctor or practice to satisfy healthcare needs, many people use the Internet to search for the practice with the best reviews. We want to know we're going to be treated with the best there is to offer, so it's reassuring to see reviews with comments from previous patients that had a positive experience. With many options of websites to choose from, I have made a list below of the top 7 healthcare review sites with a description of what each site consists of. 

1. Health Grades

Health Grades is an awesome easy-to-use website to help with all your specific needs when searching for a healthcare provider. To begin your search, there are three tabs at the top you can choose from to find doctors, dentists, or hospitals with a search bar underneath to continue. You can also type in your location next to the search bar and a list of different specialties will come up below that you can navigate through if you don't have a specific physician in mind. Once you have found a specific provider, there is a tab labeled “patient satisfaction” to find reviews based on the office staff and overall experience.  When you feel you have made a decision, the website has compiled all the additional information you need in tabs to tell you about the provider, what insurance they accept, contact information, appointments, and directions. 


2. Vitals

On the Vitals website, you can search to find doctors by specialty, name or practice. What I like most about Vitals is the checkbox you can click that says, “only show doctors accepting my insurance”, so it can easily generate results for your specific needs. Some people will only choose a doctor they know their insurance will cover, while others want to choose the best doctor no matter what the costs. Either way, Vitals is a great site to find what you’re looking for!


3. Yelp

You may have already used Yelp to find reviews for restaurants, hotels or other businesses and didn’t even think this could be the place to search for a healthcare facility.

Yelp is very user friendly and you can either search by physician name or practice.  Once some results have come up there are other subcategories you can click to modify your results and find exactly what you are looking for. If you don’t have a specific doctor or practice in mind you can always search by the word “physician” and use the top right search bar to put in your location.


4. RateMDs

RateMDs, like the others mentioned above, lets you search or browse doctors, hospitals, and even browse the top local doctors for a quick search. You can make your search more specific by choosing location and specialty, but it also includes the option to choose the gender of your desired physician. To help with results that don't have reviews there’s a checkbox you can click for rated doctors only, and there’s also a checkbox for doctors who are only accepting new patients.


5. ZocDoc

On the ZocDoc website you start by choosing a specialty in a dropdown menu, then you type in your zip code, and last you have the option to select your insurance plan for more adapted results.  After making these selections, it brings up a map with pinned locations of practices fitting your results. Under the map a list of doctors with a star rating system next to their name comes up and you can click through for further information. After selecting a doctor you can see available appointment times and get your appointment booked all in one place!


6. Healthcare Reviews

Healthcare Reviews lets you search ratings or submit reviews yourself. In the search section, you have the options to search by doctor, clinic or hospital, dentist, or all healthcare professionals. You are then led to a page to select location, specialty, and type in the last name of a doctor if you are making a specific search. A list of patient ratings and reviews come up for you to sift through and find out everything you need to know!


7. is used to search for a doctor’s ratings and reviews based on patient satisfaction surveys. The website can be used to search for a specific doctor by first and last name and the state they are located. When you find your doctor, you can see the details of their practice through a series of tabs such as: office locations, education and view ratings. The ratings tab shows you a number of rating the doctor has received based on the exam, timeliness, treatment and staff.


I hope this list helps you find what you’re looking for when it comes to your healthcare needs. If you have a different site you have used before and like, let us know in the comments!