EyeFrame for Events

Capture leads, deliver content and enhance your brand at events.

Trade Show Gaming

Do you know how to attract a crowd and keep them engaged?

Slot machine games, digital raffles and other branded experiences offered by EyeFrame will help generate a line around your booth at trade shows. These turnkey solutions not only offer entertainment to attendees but add value to your booth experience with custom messaging and branding. With all that extra attention, you will win the ultimate prize - more qualified trade show leads in your pipeline.

Lead Capture Made Simple

Are you tired of paying too much money for existing lead retrieval systems?

Don't limit your options to an outdated cell phone. Instead, implement a scalable, simple-to-use, lead retrieval alternative at your next event. With a variety of options including badge scanning and RFID integration, EyeFrame takes the complexity and high incremental cost out of capturing leads.

Deliver Content the Modern Way

Still handing out printed marketing collateral?

With EyeFrame you can instantly deliver your company's marketing materials electronically without paying a dime for printing, shipping or shredding. In addition to documents like whitepapers and brochures, EyeFrame allows you to send videos and web links directly to your attendees’ inboxes in a custom branded email. Unlike printed materials that typically end up in the trash, collateral sent from EyeFrame is tracked and reported on in real time as it is requested and viewed.  Share the love and save a tree with EyeFrame!

Integrate with CRM and Marketing Automation

Do you know what happened to the leads captured at your last show?

EyeFrame integrates with marketing automation systems as well as leading CRMs to send leads automatically from the show floor to the sales funnel. This real-time integration removes any doubt as to  where a lead came from or where it is in the pipeline. EyeFrame ensures that your investment in events leads to real dollars in sales.

Ask the Right Questions

Can you identify an interested buyer from someone who is just visiting?

Easily create and deploy surveys with EyeFrame to find out why attendees are visiting your booth. This included feature can help your sales team quickly distinguish hot prospects from those who just want a free t-shirt. And follow-up surveys let you stay connected to your booth visitors after the show is over. You can only get the right answers if you ask the right questions!

Customer Success

Take a look at what our customers are saying about EyeFrame, and how it has improved their events.

Event Marketing Tips & Tricks

Are you passionate about event marketing?

So are we! Join us and check out our blog for the latest tips, tricks and advice to take your event marketing to the next level.